"Contact" Homework assignment - zhdk

Eye contact - EYES app

Eyes is an app where strangers look into the eyes of each other for one minute in ”live cam” without any sound. The app recognises eyes and the rest of the face is blurred. 


Eyes is all about finding people whom one connects with. The idea is that if two users feel that they have a connection, (they have created an emotional contact through eye contact) they can tap the heart-eye icon shown on the screen. If both users tap the heart-eye - icon to each other, they have created an eye contact. This means that they can proceed to a normal video call on the app with voice and picture. 


Eyes is a perfect App for the current time, where social distancing is a new norm and people can not find partners / get new contacts from a social event, for example, a bar. It allows people to still get that ”eye contact” that many is missing in the world of dating apps.


Furthermore, Eyes is not only meant for dating but can also be helpful for travellers, people that move into a new country or people that just want to have company for example for their lunch break at the home office. The app allows choosing an area where one is looking for company. This way it is clear for both users that what is the purpose of the eye connection.