Reactive Poster shown in the Museum Für Gestaltung

About Reactive Poster:

The Reactive Poster was a part of the Planet Digital exhibition at the Museum Für Gestaltung, Zürich. 

Stop Hate speech explores the spread of hate speech online and possible courses of action for dealing with hostilities and insults that target a person or group based on their identity. We, students in the Interaction Design program at the ZHDK have used anagrams to create digital posters on the theme of STOP HATE SPEECH that change interaction with viewers. 

The Poster "Immigrants out - Migration must"

changes the sadly often used hashtag #immigrantout to something beautiful and natural as birds migrating.


"The mechanisms initiating migratory behavior vary and are not always completely understood. Migration can be triggered by a combination of changes in day length, lower temperatures, changes in food supplies, and genetic predisposition. For centuries, people who have kept cage birds have noticed that the migratory species go through a period of restlessness each spring and fall, repeatedly fluttering toward one side of their cage. German behavioral scientists gave this behavior the name zugunruhe, meaning migratory restlessness. Different species of birds and even segments of the population within the same species may follow different migratory patterns."