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SBB Emergency Button

About SBB Emergency Button:

The SBB emergency Button is designed to be an add-on to the SBB app, for more safety and security for all people traveling by public transport. 

The process started with research about safe spaces and we ended up thinking about the bridges between these safe spaces. Through that, we arrived at the physical place, which often is public transportation. How to make a train or a tram or a bus a safe space? Together with Lyvia Muniz Gomes Wägli Audrey-Meret Lohmann and Tanja Landolt we came up with an app integration idea of an emergency button, where one can reach out for help by sending an automated or self-written message to fellow travelers or have a quick link for the most important emergency numbers. 

We had a long human-centered design process, where we did field research, interviews, and surveys to help us to create this helpful tool. 

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