Couturent -Highfashion. Personalised

-Fashion Renting Platform. 

Couturent Fashion Renting is a modern way of stylish living without having to store and maintain clothes. Couturent also offers a styling service that is possible with AI tracking. Couturent has its own Instagram and TikTok channels with frequent updates of new outfits and styles created all with the collections that Couturent has to offer. The AI stylist creates ready-made outfits based on the client’s social media likes from the Couturent sites but also from all other fashion pictures. 

Couturent offers unique customized outfit packages that are styled according to the customers preferences and delivered to the door. 


Washing and repairing clothes is not the customers problem! Couturent works with a laundry and dry cleaner company where the clothes are washed accordantly. For small damages Couturent has a sewer.



Potential customer base:

Fashion lowers who can not afford high fashion prices but likes to wear them. People who do not have the time or the interest to shop, but need to look stylish for example at work.  People with little storage space for clothes. People who get fed up with clothes fast but do not want to support fast fashion. 


Potential use case:

Monthly subscription for a package delivered to the door with custom style outfits. 

One time order for an event. 


Value proposition:

Couturent is a great way to reduce one’s carbon footprint, by reusing clothes. It gives a solution to the problem of Fast Fashion without sacrificing on style.