My accessories capsule collection ARMOUR MEETS FASHION consist of three pieces.  

Although the priority in the designs is in protection, they are designed to be fashion accessories. I made the pieces almost jewellery-like, so they can be mixed and matched with different everyday outfits. I added recycled leather parts to my designs, because leather was traditionally used in armour as straps for holding weapons etc. 


The designs have been inspired by traditional segmented armour (metal loops tightly knotted together). Segmented armour was invented at a time when there was no shootable guns. The material lacks  bullet proof witch is why I added layers of Kevlar under the metal. Kevlar is a heat-resistant, bullet proof and strong synthetic fiber. 


The pieces are unisex, and they take in concern different religions.  

In the last few years the world has gone through a lot of social turbulence with a constant fear of terrorism. The devastating school shootings have been a global trouble. I am designing my accessories capsule collection to help prevent fatal incidents in the near future. The pieces are designed to protect the head and the chest areas, which in case of a bullet hit would lead to an instant death.


I think that wearing armour as fashion pieces can be useful in the near future and will help people feel safer and protected.