About Zero Waste:


Roughly 15% of the total fabric used by the fashion industry is wasted. This is one of the many ways that fast fashion negatively impacts the environment. To counteract these wasteful practices, a new movement, Zero Waste Fashion has sprung up. Zero - waste garments are produced with little or no textile waste.


In Zero - waste fashion design the garment is created through the pattern cutting process, working within the space of the fabric width. This approach directly influences the design of the final garment.

About Waste No More:


Waste No More is a collection designed by me, Emma Hirvonen (fashion designer) and Krista Virtanen (fashion designer).  All the designs are produced by hand, using left over fabrics from R/H : a Finnish clothing company based in Helsinki. The collection is made entirely using Zero Waste technique. The process pictures are from my outfit.

Photographs by Julia Sivén.