Soft Architecture

We built two installations in Pula Croatia and Zürich Toni Areal

We undertook an exhibition to Pula, Croatia, where we did a lot of examination of structures of military fortifications, former restricted areas and administrative buildings that are open for public and in different stages of abandonment and temporary reuse. We created an installation to a location using three abandoned towers. The focus of our installation was the history of Pula and these towers. We received precious insight through interviewing a person who had lived in the area for all his life. The focus was also to cooperate with the landscape and create interactions between people, materials and spaces.

After the expedition we came back to Zürich to create a second installation that was influenced by our first installation in Pula and reflected the history of the city.

Roman Kirschner,
Karmen Franinovic

Cowley, Sonja
Lukman Aščić,
Nanthatchaporn Janthasom