Light AS Matter - The Aura Wearable

The AURA wearable light up the sexyness of movement: 
Since the definition of sexy undergoes constant change, is subjective and mostly very exclusive, we decided, we wanted to design a wearable, adjustable to most body-types. With this we highlight the sexiness of movement and light, rather than limiting sexiness to a specific definition tied to external factors, such as body type. With silicone thread and glass fibers, sown to a straight-cut dress, a mesh sleeve and an adjustable harness, we lit up different parts of the body. To make the light react to movement, we installed a gyro sensor on the right arm and connected it to an Arduino, wich in turn controlled the LEDs.

Rasa Weber,
Verena Ziegler

Sonja Cowley
Benjamin Eggstein,
Matthias Naegeli