contact - app UX & Ui design

The Contact App was created during my application process to ZHDK Interaction Design department. Our assignment was just the word "contact" and we were free to interpret the task as we saw suitable. Since I was very interested in going in the direction of UX and UI design, I decided to create an App. At this time the Covid 19 was very much present in our lives and we were all in lockdown. Therefore I wanted to create something where one could meet people online, but unlike many dating application, being more immersive, personal and having the chance to experience eye contact with a stranger. During covid lockdowns we very seldomly had a chance to have this special moment with a stranger and make eye contact with them.

The contact App allows the person to meet people via seeing a static image of only their eyes. They can either swipe left or right according to their like or dislike. After swiping right to like the other person, they are directly taken to a video call with this person and then the whole face of the other person is revealed. Comparing to other dating apps, Contact aims to be more REAL and more ACTIVE way of meeting new people through the internet.