Waste no more - using Zero waste technique in clothing design and making

My 3-piece outfit is a reflection of a big city. A city like New York or Paris etc has its glorious parts, like the shopping streets and beautiful, shiny buildings. But amongst the beauty and glory big cities have areas that are really poor and dirty. And what makes big cities big? Well, people. My first piece is a jumpsuit that refers to the human skin. I am going to use the nude see-threw fabric in this. The skin-like fabric refers firstly to the nature. How everything has started from the nature and how people are part of the nature. And secondly to the human race that is behind the climate change and all the natures detriment. The next piece is a black kimono shirt that refers to all the toxic poison that the human race carries on their backs. Every year sooner and sooner comes the day when people have consumed the planet earth’s resources to the limits. The black kimono shirt will be oversized, and it will be hanging on the top of the jumpsuit. The third part of the outfit are straps, a belt, leg hems and a collar. These accessories are made out of a golden hard fabric. These details of the outfit refer to the good sides of the industrial world. The conditions in which we live, in the societies like Finland and many other, give people changes and opportunities that the people in developing countries can only dream about. Industries play a vital role in the development of a country’s economy. These industries are either manufacture or service oriented and provide employment opportunities amongst other privileges. The shiny details in the outfit are a reminder of this side of the story and remind the reasons WHY people actually keep on producing and consuming, even though the same time they are destroying the resource for everything there is.

Minna Cheung

Sonja Cowley