nanoleq - Smart textiles internship projects

In the beginning of the year 2020 I had the chance to do an half an year Internship at a ETH Spin-off company Nanoleq AG, where I worked as a designer and a brand builder. During my Internship I created the brand logo, I designed brochures, business cards and the Nanoleq kit package. I assisted in various other customer projects and material testings.


Here you can find a few of the projects I did during my internship at Nanoleq AG.

Logo Design

The new logo needed to be fresh, modern and simple, but the same time keeping the technological point of view.

Brochure Design

The Brochures had to give all the relevant information to Nanoleq B2B customers, at the same time looking not crowded and neat.

Business Card Design

For the business cards the team wanted to go with something that would look appealing to a fashion customer but also a medical or workwear customer. Therefore we went with a simple design that enhances the new Nanoleq logo and colors.

Starterkit Package

For the package the design resembled the other Nanoleq designs with its simplicity, bringing the technology in focus with the illustrations on top of the package.