prosthetic leg covers and socks - user centred design

User-oriented Design is a process in which the future end users of the solution are involved in the development process from the beginning. This process ensures that the shape and design meet the needs and objectives of the end user. The subject of user-oriented design was approached by interacting with lower limb prostheses users. Based on the research, a concept-level lower limb prosthetic cosmetics collection and socks for the stump, has been designed. The purpose of this project is to design new, innovative cosmetics for lower limb prostheses that are aesthetically pleasing while adding a functional value. A further aim was to increase the self-esteem of lower limb amputees by giving users a chance to influence the design process of lower limb prostheses. A User-oriented approach gives a minority group of lower limb prostheses users greater opportunities to express their own style and identity through their prosthesis. In addition to this, the goal was to find new materials that could be utilized in limb prosthetic cosmetics and socks for the stump.

Minna Cheung

Sonja Cowley