SBB emergency button - Ux & UI design

Travel safely together. Commuting is Community: 

In this project we were analysing and observing public transport. By sharing our own experiences and day to day transits we realised how there where shortcomings on the safety of that public space. So we started thinking about a service and it’s placement  to make public transport safer. By focusing on our users and the targeted group, we came to the idea to place an additional button in the SBB Application. This button should have the functionality of alerting emergency services and fellow travellers in the case of an emergency or issue. By not only relying on emergency services but also being able to ask for help from fellow travellers by the Application, the sense of community came more into commuting. We claim that a way to make a safer environment for everyone is to reinforce the community in commuting and making travel safer for everyone. There are several community measures that accompany the intervention. The visual of that is a pin-button, that can be pinned on clothes or baggage to signify to other travellers, that commuting is community and safe travel can be facilitated through others.

Dr Joëlle Bitton,
Nicole Foelsterl

Sonja Cowley
Lyvia Muniz Gomes Wägli,
Audrey-Meret Lohmann,
Tanja Landolt