zhdk Go! - Dashboard UX & Ui design

During five weeks the Spring semester 2022 in the Module "Basic Graphical User Interface", we had the chance to investigate in a UI-Solution to combine all the different platforms ZHdK has. ZHdK Go! is our user-friendly app concept that makes everyday school life easier for students. It is the safe haven in the sometimes confusing platform landscape of the ZHdK and offers features such as a highly customisable start screen, a quick overview of all upcoming deadlines and a simplified process for requesting a semester leave. To make it easy to get started, there is an interactive onboarding process that gives first-time users the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the app.

Prof. Jürgen Späth
Marcial Koch

Sonja Cowley
Giovanna Léon
Matthias Naegeli
Lars Ziegler